New PeopleNet Whitepaper Explores the Benefits of Adding Video Intelligence to Your Fleet

January 16, 2018 Jake Wallace

In an increasingly litigious world, fleets are looking for ways to help defend themselves in the case of an accident. With the average settlement totaling hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars, fleets need a neutral eyewitness to potentially exonerate their driver if and when an accident occurs.

PeopleNet recently debuted its latest whitepaper: “Video Intelligence: Protection, Prevention and Safer Roads for All Drivers” to explore the benefits of adding a video system to a fleet. The whitepaper provides an overview of PeopleNet’s Video Intelligence for fleets, including potential return on investment, safety benefits and increased visibility for drivers, as well as considerations for successful implementation of a video solution.

Without a neutral eyewitness on the scene, it’s often impossible to prove that accidents were not the fault of the truck driver. Video Intelligence is a proven technological solution that many fleets are implementing for both protection and prevention that has immense benefits to their bottom lines, their drivers and those with whom they share the road.

Download this free whitepaper to learn more how Video Intelligence can potentially exonerate your fleet in the event of an accident as well as help prevent one from happening in the first place.

Interested in learning more about PeopleNet’s Video Intelligence system? Contact us today to receive a free ROI assessment about adding video capabilities to your fleet.

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